1. How many people can interact with the system?
Because the gesture interactivity is based on camera sensors, the size of physical space will be the main limiting factor in the sense of how many people can reasonably fit in front of the display.

2. How many interaction points do you support?
The system has no specific limitation to the number of interaction points. The system will go as far as what is supported as the multi-touch devices.

3. Can you talk to other low level devices such as Arduino?
RM offers a variety of network protocols such as UDP/TCP/OSC which allow communicating with a lot of devices out there.

4. Can you do projection mapping?
Yes, we support projector keystoning, blending and warping.

5. Can you capture 4K?
Yes, as an upgrade to our servers, we support the capture of up to two 4K signals @ 60Hz or four Full-HD signals @ 60Hz, full color depth.

6. Do you support HAP or uncompressed video?
Not at this point, but it is planned in our roadmap.

7. How many outputs can one server drive?
The top of the line ULTRA server can output three 4K signals at 60Hz or, with the use of separately sold signal splitters, 12 Full-HD outputs, framelocked, genlocked at full color depth.

8. What type of warranty do you offer?
We offer a three years mission critical warranty from Dell.

9. Do you offer samples or project examples?
Yes, RM comes with an exhaustive database of examples, samples and projects that will help you quickly start your project

10. What kind of support do you offer should my team requires additional help?
RM offers an exhaustive wiki and documentation both offline and online. Should you need additional help, we offer either on-site or at RM-Studio formation and support packages.